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Our Cuyabeno Lodge

Today, thousands of animals including pink dolphins, caimans, toucan, jaguar, pumas, manatees, anacondas, tapir, monkeys roam this scenic and diverse reserve.

Deep in the Amazon Jungle, Ecuador's most famous wildlife sanctuary, the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, awaits. -This stunning National Park offers exceptional wildlife encounters and a rich history of ancestral indigenous tribes still thriving in the area. -Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve is home of Pink Dolphins, Toucans, Caimans, Leopards, Anacondas, Tapirs, Manatees, Capybaras, Jaguars, Pumas, Monkeys and over 550 species of birds. -Guests who choose GeoLodge will look forward to fantastic close-up experiences with bountiful Amazon wildlife at every point on our Jungle Tours.



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